Monday 18th April 2022


The John 3:16 Trust (registered charity number 1156865) exists to help to see the gospel preached, the sick healed, the faith defended, the saints equipped, believers taught and to write books in such a way as to advance the Christian faith. If you would like to support the work of The John 3:16 Trust, you can do so in a variety of different ways:

If you are an individual giving giving by Gift Aid there are two ways you can give to The John 3:16 Trust. You can give either by clicking here to view, download & print a form, which once you’ve filled it out by hand with a pen should be posted by snail mail to Stewardship Services in central London. After Stewardship have reclaimed the Gift Aid on your gift, your money will then be sent on to The John 3:16 Trust.

Or if you are an individual giving by Gift Aid and would prefer to give online you can do so by clicking here:

If you are an individual giver giving by gift aid and you have any questions about the mechanics of giving to The John 3:16 Trust, please phone Stewardship on 0208 502 8560 or email 

If, alternatively, you represent a church, or a charity that cannot give by gift aid, and you are enquiring about giving to The John 3:16 trust, then please email