Tuesday 25th June 2024



E No G 1Formerly a BBC radio and TV presenter, Adrian started working life as a reporter on The Times newspaper. His book “The Shock of Your Life” has been translated into many languages. The sequel, ‘Aftershock’ tackles the most common objections to Christianity in the form of a novel.

Adrian moved to London from Birmingham with his wife, Julia, in 2004 to help start ChristChurch London. He served as a leader (or “elder”) in the church for many years.

Julia is a school Science teacher. Adrian & Julia have four daughters: Esther, Bethany, Grace and Emma.

After 10 years at ChristChurch London, the Holloways joined Everyday Church Wimbledon Everyday Church, Wimbledon. In 2021, the Holloways left London to move to Blackwater on the border of Hampshire and Surrey. They are now based at The Beacon Church, Camberley. https://beaconchurch.co.uk

Meanwhile, Adrian continues to serve churches all over the UK as a visiting speaker. Most of these churches are part of one of five ‘spheres’ of churches. These new groupings of churches are called “Commission,” “Catalyst,” “Christ Central,” “Relational Mission” and “New Ground” – which when added together make up around 250 churches in the UK under the banner of “Newfrontiers”.

Adrian’s itinerant ministry is funded through a charitable trust called The John 3:16 Trust. Individual givers and churches can give to the Trust by clicking on “Support” on the home page of this website.