Sunday 11th February 2024
10 responses for salvation in Oxted

10 responses for salvation in Oxted

Adrian Holloway on December 10, 2023 with 0 Comments

Ten people who said they were not part of any church, prayed a salvation response prayer when I spoke at King’s Church, Oxted this morning. And one other person, also not church, who did not pray the prayer, said they wanted to “discover more about Christianity.” This is a church that has met in Oxted County School for many years and this morning King’s Church had more than double their normal Sunday attendance for their Carol Service. Oxted Brass Band were superb, and it was great to see some old friends from Reigate days, and Christ Church London days and also Dale Barlow who used to lead the church there, who was a big help to us during our transition from Everyday Church.

Amazing for me to be at Oxted County School, where my wife Julia was a pupil and also later a Biology teacher, first when we lived in Reigate, and then more recently when we lived in Fulham. How could she teach in Oxted and live in Fulham? The answer to that question is the famous story of how we got our mortgage in London, on 13 and a half times my income! One of our greatest “God Stories”.

A massive well done to Simon Quincey, Kevin and Liz Rose and the team. A great event.



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