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Saturday night in Dubai

Saturday night in Dubai

Adrian Holloway on March 29, 2023 with 0 Comments

The day before the church had launched a Saturday evening service. With the traditional “weekend” being Friday and Saturday, Sunday is very much a working day for many people in Dubai, so the Saturday night service is to reach those who can’t come on a Sunday. When I prayed over the congregation for healing, there were 3 people who said they’d received. One woman said that for 7 months she had been unable to turn sideways. She said she’d been in extreme pain and had been to hospital for an MRI scan. She’d been told that nothing could be done for her, but she experienced immediate healing. She turned round in front of everyone sideways, and said “I’ve not been able to do this for 7 months.” An older woman, recently retired, said that she had had neck pain for 2 months, and that when I prayed for her she heard “an audible crack” in her neck and that she was now totally pain free. Another man said that he had been healed of a pain in his left shoulder that he’d felt while at his desk typing a week before. He explained that the pain had gone when I prayed for healing in the Russian meeting two days previously (see below). After these healing reports, I preached a message about the Samaritan Woman at the well in John chapter 4 and there were 2 who walked to the front in response to the gospel appeal. Pic is of worship band before the service in rehearsal.



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