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Healing of Russian speakers in Dubai

Healing of Russian speakers in Dubai

Adrian Holloway on March 29, 2023 with 0 Comments

[More on Dubai] . . . That afternoon (Saturday) I spoke to the Russian speaking congregation of about 70. There were many Ukrainians. I’d been told that many of them had just arrived because of the war, and were new to Dubai and new to the church. I preached the gospel and when I made an appeal for salvation about half of them responded. The translator was really sharp, so I do think she’d done it accurately, and it was perhaps a war-torn response, with many desperate for peace with God. I then prayed for the sick and when I asked if anyone had been healed, immediately 5 people put their hands up. They came to the front, and the Russian pastor (Boris!) interviewed them. None of these 5 stories were translated back into English, but reading the body language, one lady obviously couldn’t walk on the balls of here feet. That is to say she hadn’t been able to raise her heels, but now she could and showed us. Another lady was healed of a problem with her leg. Pic is of me with the Russian translator.



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