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8 healing reports. 9 salvation responses.

8 healing reports. 9 salvation responses.

Adrian Holloway on March 28, 2023 with 0 Comments

I prayed for healing again on at the 11.30am service, which was packed, and then asked anyone who’d just been healed to come to the microphone. 8 people came up on stage. Amanda said she was healed of a shoulder problem. She’d been unable to raise her arm. Mika said she was healed of a problem with her ribs. Maya said “I’ve had pain on the side of my right foot for as long as I can remember, but the pain has now gone completely.” Alexandra said that she was “healed of a stomach problem when you prayed for healing in the Russian speaking service on Thursday”, but that she’d only become sure of the healing the following day. She also said she’d been healed of a problem with her finger “just a few minutes ago. I feel so good.” Ezekiel said: “I had pain in three areas. My chest, shoulder and lower back. This has been the case for three years. When you prayed “all pain is gone.” There was also a woman who I think was called Frances, who was healed of a ligament tear, but I don’t think the healing was in the meeting. There were also two other people but it didn’t sound like they were talking about a physical healing. One of these I didn’t get at all. I then preached the same message that I had delivered in the first service and this time there were 9 people who came forward to give their lives to Christ. I found out about 2 other healings, one was a man from Luton, England healed of sciatica, although he was keen to tell me that he was still sceptical about Christianity. Another was an African cage fighter. I mention this again below. Here’s another healing report via What’s App from someone who did not come forward: “Aunty the weirdest thing happened when the Preacher prayed. I felt my hands go hot and the next thing I knew I was able to bend my wrists which I haven’t been able to do since two months.”



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