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14 responses for salvation in Attleborough

14 responses for salvation in Attleborough

Adrian Holloway on December 18, 2022 with 0 Comments

Delighted to report that 14 people who told us they are not part of any church, prayed a salvation response prayer when I spoke at Christ Community Church, Attleborough’s Carol Service last night. The event took place at the former Hamilton Acorn factory which the church bought for just £200,000 earlier this year. They started meeting there on Sundays as recently as last month. The church now own an enormous site of 6.2 acres. That is not a typo. At 6.2 acres this is the largest local church venue I’ve ever spoken in. Of course, at the moment, the vast majority of it remains a series of huge empty buildings, but there are plans to repurpose the whole thing. Hamilton Acorn made brushes there, as in high end painting and decorating brushes. The factory was a major employer in a town of 10,000 inhabitants. The factory closed its doors in 2017. The church, led by Rob Tervet, made an opening bid of £0. Also not a typo. That is the cheekiest opening bid imaginable. Anyway, I’m not sure you could officially call it a miracle, but for someone who’s lived in London for so long, 200k is a sensationally cheap price for such a colossally large building. The church now meet in a bit of it (pictured) which they’ve converted at short notice. This is a huge step forward for a church which launched a national evangelistic initiative called “Who Cares?” a few years ago. The driving force behind that is church leader Rob Tervet. Julia and I have been good friends with Rob and Christine Tervet for many years, after camping next to each other at the nearby Newday festival when our children were young. It was a privilege to speak at Rob’s church for the first time. A great Carol Service. Twice their normal Sunday attendance. A great Saturday night in Norfolk.



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