Sunday 11th February 2024
17 saying yes to Jesus in Harpenden

17 saying yes to Jesus in Harpenden

Adrian Holloway on December 11, 2022 with 0 Comments

17 people who told us they are not part of any church, prayed a salvation response prayer when I spoke at Bethany Community Church, Harpenden’s Carol Service this morning. And an additional 2, also not church, didn’t pray the prayer but did say they’d like to know more about Christianity. As a visiting speaker I of course don’t know who those 17 are, and I dare say those 17 range from those who have had a genuinely life-changing encounter with Christ, to others who just felt positive and said “yes” to everything that was on offer! But there was a great vibe at St George’s School, where the church meets and it was a tremendously encouraging morning. It was my second consecutive year at their Carols. The church is led by Neil Chitty, a former house-mate from my bachelor days in Hardwick Road, Reigate. In fact in part 1 of my three talks this morning I was able to tell an anecdote about how during the three years I lived there I only ate tinned meat. Sad but true. OK, now I think about it there were a few Chicken Kievs also. Anyway, the highlight for me this morning was a really moving video during the performance of “Mary did you know?” All praise to God for the gift of Christ and much thanks to a lovely church, who brought loads of guests and made me feel really welcome.



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