Thursday 1st December 2022
Visting Trent Vineyard

Visting Trent Vineyard

Adrian Holloway on October 25, 2022 with 0 Comments

A great Sunday evening in Nottingham with our daughter Bethany on stage singing in the band at Trent Vineyard and an absolutely superb talk by Bernie Ditima on “Processing Emotional Pain”. She spoke about how Jesus expressed and handled his emotions in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was full of insights that have never occurred to me and was from a preaching point of view, flawless. She never mis-spoke once! It was an excellent example of talking about something that everyone in the room can relate to (i.e. emotional pain) straight out of the Bible. Connecting Jesus and real life. Big response down the front afterwards. Perhaps just one reason why this church has grown in the way that it has.



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