Friday 23rd September 2022
Speaking at Grace Church Salisbury

Speaking at Grace Church Salisbury

Adrian Holloway on December 20, 2021 with 0 Comments

I had a great time speaking at Grace Church Salisbury’s Carol Service, recorded at The Sarum Academy yesterday. After some key participants were unable to attend, the event was moved online only at the last minute. Yesterday’s recording will premiere on You Tube on Christmas Eve. It was lovely to see Emily Haslam again. She is a wonderful friend of ours from Christ Church London days who was singing in the band. I got to watch a wonderful performance item sung by Elizabeth Bankole, and although it was a shame to have no-one else in the venue, my experience last Christmas has taught me that huge numbers can end us seeing the content this way. Just over 20 years ago, I was part of a team doing open air outreach in Salisbury City Centre. I was living in Reigate at the time, and I’d been sent across to help a pioneer group who were trying to establish a new church. I’ve no idea if any of the shoppers we met that week ever got involved long-term, but I do know that that was the beginnings of what is now Grace Church Salisbury. And much thanks to Pastor Simon Redmill, who has led the church onto two sites, and did a great job yesterday turning a big in person event into online only at very short notice.



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