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Westminster Chapel Carol Service

Westminster Chapel Carol Service

Adrian Holloway on December 24, 2020 with 0 Comments

So far on you tube there have been 2,769 views of my Westminster Chapel Carol Service preach. Here is some feedback immediately after the broadcast from Pastor Howard Satterthwaite: “We know of about 600 screens across the 3 platforms watching live . . . some were watch parties (e.g. ours of 7 people) . . . 4 immediate yes salvation responses. We’re really encouraged by this. Given online weariness and the challenges of getting any kind of response to things with the disconnection of watching on a screen, this is great. It will continue to sow seed as well, which is a real plus. Lots of positive words about your message as well! Clear, compelling gospel preach. Many reports of people watching with non-Christians, two Hindus connected to our staff team, for example. So we’re praying journeys have begun and been accelerated toward God. Thanks so much for being part of this. This just in from a staff member and Life Group leader: ‘Just had life group and wanted to share a great encouragement that one of our member’s husband accepted Christ during the Carol Service. She was teary eyed and we were too when she shared it😭❤️’ I think this will keep happening.” I’ve spoken at Westminster Chapel a number of times before, and as previously, I confess I indulged in some Dr D M Lloyd-Jones memorabilia moments in the vestry (with some relics left by the world famous former pastor). But I didn’t touch his preaching gown I promise. This was as close to a protestant saint as I’m likely to get.



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