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City Church, Bristol

City Church, Bristol

Adrian Holloway on October 5, 2020 with 0 Comments

I now realise that I’m wearing the same shirt in all these gospel sermons! They weren’t identical preaches, honest! This is another multi-site church where I’ve spoken many times before, and normally there’d be about 300 or so people there in person. However on a Sunday in early October, there were 1,552 views on You Tube alone of my evangelistic preach. This is the upside! It reminds us that people are interested, and that turning up in person is scary for a guest. “Where should I park? What should I wear? I mean what actually happens? Will I fit in? What will people think of me? Will they be able to tell that I don’t believe all the stuff? Do I have to raise my hands? What if I want to leave? What if it’s all too much?” What if they want to talk to me?” All these worries are non-existent when viewing church online. The University of Durham Theology Dept did some academic research during the first lockdown and found hundreds of “fringe” people had “returned” to “church”, because it is “so much easier” for them to do so online. It’s great that so many more people are hearing the gospel. However the flip side of the same coin is that, as above, there was a very small number responding for salvation at City Church Bristol.



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