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Healing report from Amy Vobes

Healing report from Amy Vobes

Adrian Holloway on July 24, 2019 with 0 Comments

I’m getting in the zone for Newday 19, which starts next week, and I’m sharing some healing reports from Newday 18. While it is always exciting to hear someone say “I’ve just been healed” I never share these reports online. Instead we are looking for reports where there’s good evidence that the healing has stood the test of time. If it’s something that happened a year previously, and the person can say: “I was healed a year ago, and I’m still healed,” then obviously we can be confident that a significant change has really taken place. Each year at Newday for the past 14 years we have begun the ‘healing night’ with these “this happened a year ago, and I’m still healed” reports. Here’s one shared on stage in front of 7,250 people at the beginning on the ‘healing night’ at last year’s Newday . . .

Amy Vobes, (pictured, then) aged 19, from East London, told us her remarkable story of her immediate healing at Newday 2017 from Vasovagal Syncope.

“At the beginning of 2016, I started getting these dizzy spells which developed into fainting spells and heart palpitations and being so dizzy all the time that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow.

“By August 2016 I started fainting all the time for a week, almost every day. I was getting progressively worse, and by October/November, I couldn’t leave the house. In January 2017 I got referred to a specialized fainting clinic. I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope – which is a problem with the Vegas nerve in the brain. The nerve controls blood pressure. It’s like the blood can’t get to your brain so your brain tells your body to hit the floor, so that once you’re lying down the blood can flow back to your head.

“One day I got dis-orientated on the way to school. I’d been going on the same journey to Dulwich every day for 6 years, but I got lost at the station. It was really scary. I’d done that journey every day on my own since the age of 11, now my brain had gone wrong, and I was really out of control.

“I missed most of my last year at school. I didn’t get the qualifications I needed then to go to Uni. My school attendance was down to about 30 per cent. And I was stuck at home most of the time, a bit miserable.

“I couldn’t see any of my friends cos . . . I couldn’t leave the house without fainting. These fainting incidents happened in very inconvenient locations, and situations, such as on staircases, getting out of the swimming pools, in my friend’s kitchen, in the woods when I was on a walk. It wasn’t fun. I couldn’t do things by myself.

“It made my life quite depressing. I ended up going on quite heavy steroids, which did help control my symptoms, but I really needed to be healed.”

Amy came to Newday 17 asking God for healing. And it happened! I asked Amy: “Since you left this campsite last year, have you ever fainted?”

She replied: “No”

[There were huge cheers from the crowd of 7,250 people in response]

I asked: “Since Newday 2017, have you had any symptoms?”

She replied: “No”

I asked: “Would you say that at Newday 2017, you were instantly and totally healed?”

She replied: “Yes”

Amy continued . . . “I’d spent a year of my life not being able to do anything. Now I was free from the illness. It was so overwhelming and it was incredible. I came off all my meds. You know that if you come off steroids you’re supposed to do it gradually. I did it suddenly! Bear in mind that previously if I didn’t have my steroids first thing in the morning I’d be shaking. I haven’t had any symptoms since then.

“I’ve had my healing medically verified by my GP. She checked my blood pressure. She had my old tests and she could see the difference.” She said: “you’re really fine.”

“And by the way, since I’ve been healed for a whole year now, I’ve started studying again and I’ve now got an offer to go to Kent University.”

Amy concluded by saying: “God is good. Miracles still happen today. Thank you Jesus.”



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