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The Soundtrack of your life… Sing when you’re winning
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The Soundtrack of your life… Sing when you’re winning

Adrian Holloway on March 13, 2016 with 0 Comments

How can you keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs? How can we maintain a good attitude when our circumstances look grim? In these two Psalms, King David shows us the secret of his success . . . his ability to put his trust in a victorious God! David learnt through 22 years of adversity the principle that would later give him success wherever he went.

Now David’s greater Son, Jesus is here, and by defeating the powers of sin, death and Satan, Jesus has won an even greater victory for us to benefit from for all eternity.



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Adrian is married to Julia. They have four daughters. He is based at Everyday Church in Wimbledon, and has written two books, "The Shock of Your Life" and "Aftershock," which tackles the strongest objections to Christianity in the form of a novel.