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Can my Brain Become a Worry-Free Zone?

Can my Brain Become a Worry-Free Zone?

Adrian Holloway on December 31, 2010 with 0 Comments

This is the last Thought for 2010, and I want to use it to introduce my theme for Jan 2011 . . . Peace! The greatest day-to-day advantage of being a Christian is that you can live worry-free. The unique advantage you have over the vast majority of people in the UK is that now you are a Christian, there is no reason to worry. How come? Well, if it really is true that a) God is good, and is for me, and is in control of my life before I die and will take me to paradise after I die, and b) I can know for certain in this life that statement a) is true, then we have no reason to worry. For the Christian, worry is irrational and illogical if a) and b) are true. Yet many Christians worry as much as everyone else.  Why is this? And can we genuinely reach a worry-free life? I know I haven’t got there yet. How can I have peace every day? Join me? We’ll start the journey tomorrow!