Saturday 8th January 2022
11 people responding to Jesus in Putney

11 people responding to Jesus in Putney

Adrian Holloway on December 6, 2021 with 0 Comments

11 people who told us that they are not part of any church, said they’d prayed a salvation response prayer when I spoke at Putney Community Church’s Carol Service last night. Matt & Helen Beaney hosted the event, the band were tremendous and the venue looked fantastic. Very Christmassy! And when the lights came up at the end of the service, I saw loads of people up in the gallery. The last time I was upstairs there, that same gallery was permanently closed and perhaps unsafe for the general public, but now the old Baptist Chapel on Werter Road has undergone a complete refurbishment on all 3 levels, and the whole place is now sparkling. They’ve done such a brilliant refurb. The congregation must have grown considerably there, and the whole place felt vibrant. There was something special about spilling out of that building and straight onto the London streets. It was in a very similar Victorian Baptist building just a few miles away that I myself was converted. I drove home feeling that it was a great guest event. I certainly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as I was speaking towards the end of the service.



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