Thursday 29th July 2021
King’s Church, Kingston

King’s Church, Kingston

Adrian Holloway on May 26, 2021 with 0 Comments

I was delighted to get an invitation to speak on Easter Sunday this year at King’s Church, Kingston. I mis-spent some of my youth on Friday and Saturday nights out in Kingston in the 1980s, so it was fun to talk about the resurrection of Jesus there, albeit online. I’m happy to be told that they had 20 per cent more screens watching for my visit and also 10 per cent more the following Sunday. The church is going from strength to strength under the leadership of Philip Ellwood. It’s a church that was planted from my old stomping ground at Queens Road, Wimbledon. It’s been a bit of a slow burn until now, but I’m excited about the future for those guys.



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Adrian is married to Julia. They have four daughters. He is based at Everyday Church in Wimbledon, and has written two books, "The Shock of Your Life" and "Aftershock," which tackles the strongest objections to Christianity in the form of a novel.