Monday 15th June 2020
Hasn’t Science Buried God? in Harrogate

Hasn’t Science Buried God? in Harrogate

Adrian Holloway on January 30, 2020 with 0 Comments

I spoke at the superb St. Peter’s, Church of England Church, in the centre of Harrogate on “Hasn’t Science Buried God?” First of all, what a venue! If Harrogate were to ever get upgraded to Cathedral status, I think that St Peter’s would get the nod! This was one of several Alpha launch events with churches across Harrogate joining forces. There were people from all across the town and I did a new talk on the subject and we then had a questions by text message, which I did my best to answer alongside our host Adam Price, who leads Hope Church. The time when I laughed longest and loudest during my stay in Yorkshire was when I asked my wonderful host Steve Williams “how did you become a Christian?” and he answered by saying: “Well, when I was an undergraduate at Selwyn College, Cambridge, I was invited by a friend to a talk by David Watson. I assumed it was a talk by the Sunderland and England Central Defender Dave Watson, but it actually turned out to be . . .” I suppose this is only funny if you happen to have in your mind a picture of the no nonsense aerial dominance of Dave Watson, perhaps the best header of a ball England have ever had, and then you super-impose the Anglican evangelist David Watson over the top.



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