Wednesday 9th September 2020
37 sign up for Alpha in Ipswich

37 sign up for Alpha in Ipswich

Adrian Holloway on January 13, 2020 with 0 Comments

Delighted to say that 37 people signed up for Alpha at Hope Church, Ipswich’s Alpha launch on Sunday. I thank God for such responsiveness to the message, which was a new one specially for the occasion on Romans 6:23. I spoke at this event exactly a year ago, and I was struck by how much the church has grown in the past 12 months. And all the while these guys have been raising huge sums of money to buy a big cinema in the centre of town, which they plan to move into later this year. Hope seems to be really flying under the leadership of amongst others, Tom & Sarah Scrivens, and Tim & Esme Virgo. And the momentum is gathering pace. They had around 440 people there yesterday. In the first service 10 people said they’d come to the first night of the course, which is a week from now, and another 4 said they couldn’t come on 20th Jan, but wanted to come some other time. In the second service, 15 people said they’d come to week one on the 20th Jan, and an additional 8 said they couldn’t come next week, but wanted to come some other time. Earlier Joel Glover, who I last saw when I was preaching at Redeemer, in The Hague, hosted a great interview with Harriet, who’s been on the course recently.



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