Wednesday 9th September 2020
In Worthing: from Jubilee to Redeemer

In Worthing: from Jubilee to Redeemer

Adrian Holloway on January 6, 2020 with 0 Comments

A great day yesterday on my first time speaking at Jubilee Church, Worthing. Planted 30 years ago, the church is about to embark on a new adventure. Having spent years looking for a permanent home of their own (I spoke at Worthing High School), they’ve now secured a long term lease on the entire upstairs floor of the town’s shopping centre! This will bring the church’s Sunday meeting (currently around 250 people I think) into the heart of the town and after so many years searching for a building, it really is a new chapter and a new start. So much so that they’re going for a completely new church at the new venue. The old Jubilee Church will be replaced by a new church plant called Redeemer. And all through the early months of this year, vision will be cast for this new church, and while it’s hoped that everyone from Jubilee will get on board with Redeemer at the new venue, no assumptions are being made. It really is a new church, with a blank piece of paper. And it was a privilege for me to have lunch with lead elder Alex Beaken and some of the new leadership team, and we were able to talk about strategy (‘you only launch once!’) for this exciting new work, and plans to reach hundreds of people in Worthing. After lunch we walked to the new venue and I took a photo of Alex and some of the new embryonic leadership team at the bottom steps of the new venue. These guys are part of Regions Beyond and amongst some other old friends, it was great to see Rodney Haggar (also pictured) a friend of mine from my formative days at Queens Road Church.



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