Tuesday 14th January 2020
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13 people respond for salvation in Waterloo, London

Adrian Holloway on October 20, 2019 with 0 Comments

13 people who told us they are not part of any church responded to my invitation to become a Christian when I spoke at Grace London today in Waterloo. We had 9 who did so at the 11am service, and an additional 4 at the 5pm service. This is a church which began with just a handful of people 5 years ago under the leadership of Andrew Haslam and his wife Dr. Sie Yan Haslam. Now I guess there were around 150 people at the morning service and another 100 this evening. This is huge growth in such a short time! I found loads of King’s College London and University College London students who’d made the short trip to the London Nautical School, which is Grace’s new Sunday venue. I was thrilled to hear of Grace’s “Salt” course which is their own 6 week introduction to Christianity course. We saw a superb video featuring someone who’d done the course, and over lunch with Salt’s innovator Jeremy Moses, I was fascinated to hear of many who aren’t yet Christians who turn up at ‘Salt Live’ events without knowing anyone in the building. They come having seen the event advertised online. I am so looking forward to speaking at one of these Salt taster evenings in January 2020. So despite reports to the contrary, it turns out that there are churches growing in Britain and growing with young people, who I’d been told aren’t interested. But if you re-imagine church and contextualize in a relevant way and do some serious digital marketing, you can connect with loads of them and many will say yes and start following Jesus when they meet him for real. That’s what happened today and I thank God for the privilege of being involved.



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