Tuesday 18th February 2020
20 people respond for salvation in Essex

20 people respond for salvation in Essex

Adrian Holloway on October 13, 2019 with 0 Comments

20 people who told us they are not part of any church, prayed a salvation response prayer this morning after my preach at 3 sites of Chafford Hundred Community Church in Essex. We saw 14 respond in this way at the Chafford site, 3 more at the Chadwell St Mary site and 3 more at South Ockenden, making 20 in total. The Chadwell St Mary and South Ockenden sites watched my message via live stream, and the sermon was also streamed live on Facebook. It was a great response after a phenomenal time of worship, (pictured) which was led by a young woman called Michelle, who did an absolutely superb job backed by a large band and bank of vocalists. I was so energized by the time I went on stage that I felt it would have been well worth my while driving across London just to be in the room for the songs we sang. It was my 5th time there preaching on a Sunday. When I first went in 2012 they were just one congregation, now they are 4, including the Basildon site. I felt full of faith after a powerful prayer time beforehand. It was also a pleasure afterwards to have lunch with David and Anita Bareham who lead the church, and also Tolu Falase & family. I thank God for what He did today. It was a privilege to be involved.



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