Tuesday 18th February 2020
At Grace Church Caversham in Reading

At Grace Church Caversham in Reading

Adrian Holloway on September 22, 2019 with 0 Comments

I really enjoyed my first ever visit to Grace Church Caversham this morning. This came about through me sharing the gospel with a total stranger on a coach journey about a year ago. He was interested and surprised to find someone talking about Jesus and he replied: “I know someone else who believes all that stuff” and then he told me about his childhood friend Keith Saynor, a policeman, from Wokingham, who became a Christian, and then become a pastor. I then searched for Keith on my phone. “Is that him?” I asked. He replied: “yes!” I’d never met Keith, but then got in touch with him and that led to today’s visit. For the past year Keith and his wife Vinolia have led what was formerly Caversham Hill Chapel in Reading. From the road it looks like Victorian chapel, although I was a bit taken aback to see a giant tortoise walking around in the front garden. Behind the 1827 chapel, originally built by local farmers, is a 1980s extension which is where we met this morning, and over lunch afterwards I was absolutely fascinated to hear the story of Keith’s conversion at a Luis Palau mission in 1984 at Queens Park Rangers Loftus Road ground. This was the same mission where the person who first invited me to church became a Christian, and the same mission and venue where Matt Redman gave his life to Christ as a child. It was tremendous to hear Keith telling the story of what it was like to become a Christian whilst serving as a police officer, and all the various implications. And the amazing story of how Keith and Vinolia first met at a Bible College course. Anyway, they are expecting their first child together next month. The Saynors have provided an exciting new start for the church, and I’m excited about the interest already in their Alpha launching this week.



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