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Healed from an auto-immune disease

Healed from an auto-immune disease

Adrian Holloway on August 14, 2019 with 0 Comments

Here’s a remarkable report from Malachi Duff, who earlier this month, told 7,250 people at Newday 19 how he’d been healed when I prayed for the sick at Newday the year before. (In case you were wondering, the picture was taken on ‘Neon Night’!)
Returning to the Norfolk Showground exactly 12 months after his healing, Malachi, from Newcastle, told me what had happened. He began by describing the back story . . .
“At the age of 2, I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, which is an auto-immune disease. It means that if I was ill, I’d get really ill. It means that my immune system fights against my body even if there’s nothing actually wrong. The problem is that my immune system thinks there’s a problem and my immune system attacks my healthy body.
“It means I often got really ill, puffing up a lot.
“I’ve had over 200 blood tests. I’ve had more than 50 biopsies. They take the biopsy from your kidneys. It hurts when you wake up. It would be normally a 9 or 10 hour operation. You wake up really saw, and then you go home and you’re really ill all the time.
“I was told that I’d have this condition for the rest of my life. Even a common cold could make me really ill. The biggest problem that I found was me not being able to be myself. I missed a full year of school in Year 1. (This was when we were living in South Africa). I was in hospital for about a month.
“At Newday last year, you were praying for healing and you said, ‘put your hand on the part of your body where the problem is’. I really felt moved about the girl with the crutches and how she was healed. And I thought to myself, ‘this is going to work’.
“Anyway, after you prayed, I phoned my Dad to say that I thought I’d been healed. In other words, I thought I was healed but I couldn’t test it. I’d need to have a blood test.
“So when Newday ended, I went home and told my mum, and I started coming off my medicine. So before I was healed I was on around 40 tablets a week, and they’d give you depression and really bad eczma.
“And so when I got back from Newday, in August 2018, I started going off meds. It’s supposed to be a 3 year process, but as of 1st May 2019, I no longer take any medicine any more.
“Since Newday, I’ve not had any symptoms. I’ve had 12 months of normal life.”
I asked Malachi: “So you must have gone to have your healing checked out medically?”
He replied: “And yes, of course, I had blood tests after Newday. The blood tests showed a decrease, a massive change. Everyone was quite shocked.
“After the first blood test, they decided to do the blood test again straight away to check that it wasn’t a mistake. They said that this is really unusual. No more biopsies!”



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