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And here’s another one . . .

And here’s another one . . .

Adrian Holloway on July 28, 2019 with 0 Comments

Here’s one final story written up online for the first time today. At Newday 18, Jordan Housen, (pictured, then aged 19) from Hillingdon told us he’d had epilepsy since birth as a result of a bleed on the brain.

“I had epilepsy since I was born. There was a massive bleed in my head,” Jordan told us.

“My dad says I was having weekly seizures. I went from having small ones, to grandmals, the proper shaky ones, which is like you’re having an earthquake inside you.

“There are epileptic conditions that the doctor says you can grow out of. But that’s not what I was told, because my epilepsy was as a result of a birth injury, a brain injury, I was not expected to grow out of it.

Jordan explained that since he came to the healing night at Newday four years ago, he has not had an epileptic fit. “Not a single seizure since then,” he told the cheering crowd.

Personally speaking, it’s only recently that I’ve become aware of Jordan’s healing, even though it happened on his first visit to Newday in 2015.

I asked him: “So what can you do now, that would have been impossible before?”

He answered: “Well, I’m having driving lessons. There’s no way they would have let me behind a wheel if there was any chance of me having a seizure at the wheel! And I can go to raves. That’s a big deal because it was the flashing lights that used to set me off, causing a seizure. Also being too hot was part of it. Now I can go to a club where it is hot and there are flashing lights and I am 100 per cent fine.”



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