Tuesday 15th October 2019
At City Church, Cambridge

At City Church, Cambridge

Adrian Holloway on April 30, 2019 with 0 Comments

It was great to be back at City Church, Cambridge on Sunday, when 6 people were baptised. Dan & Anna Goodman have done so well leading this church, which I first heard about when it was an idea in the minds of David & Margaret Coak, who were living in Haywards Heath at the time, back in 1993. When I first went there they were meeting in The Leys School. Since then I’ve preached there 11 more times on a Sunday, and now they have two morning services in their own marvellously well-adapted warehouse, near Cambridge United FC. At lunch afterwards with Russell and Rebecca Burgess it was exciting to hear about their plans for a church plant into Ely. This photo was taken at the 11.30am service. Onwards and upwards!



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