Tuesday 15th October 2019
Scotland: 8 healings & 14 salvation responses

Scotland: 8 healings & 14 salvation responses

Adrian Holloway on March 11, 2019 with 0 Comments

8 people reported a physical healing when I prayed for the sick at King’s Church, Edinburgh yesterday and 14 people who told us they were not part of any church prayed the salvation response prayer. Just after I’d finished praying a healing prayer over the 10.30am congregation, a woman jumped onto the stage and stood next to me while I was speaking. There were a few gasps at this point. She then explained that she’d had arthritis for 5 years in her feet, knees, legs and hips and that one of the things she hadn’t been able to do is jump. So having been immediately healed after I’d prayed, jumping onto the (fairly high) stage at the St Peter’s, Viewforth venue was the obvious thing to do. So we were up and running! Next a lady came down from the upstairs balcony to say that she’d been healed of a shoulder problem she’d had for many years since she was 18. Then a young man took the microphone from me and told us how 6 years ago he’d injured his knee playing rugby, a problem that had been worsened by a 60mph ski-ing accident 6 months later. Now he said his knee had been suddenly healed. While the sung worship continued, I invited anyone else who wanted healing to come forward for a time of 1 on 1 prayer, with the Kings Church prayer team. Next a man came up to the mic to say that he’d had lower back pain for 5 years, which had now gone. And then two people came to me to say that they had watched as a nurse who had come off a night shift, and not yet gone to bed, had experienced one of her legs growing so that it lengthened to become the same length as the other one. Listening to the description of this happening was absolutely riveting. Finally a woman who said she had restricted movement in her hands as a result of diabetes affecting her nerves, said she’d recovered movement in her hand, which she was really excited about. So all these reported a healing. Then I moved into an evangelistic talk, in which I invited a comment card response. Afterwards I discovered that 12 people who told us they were not part of any church had prayed the salvation response prayer. And two more, also not church, didn’t pray the salvation prayer but said they like to know more. In the evening at the 6pm service we had more of the same but with a much smaller congregation. After I’d prayed for healing, one lady who was a first time visitor, told me that she’d experienced healing in her back (she had an operation scheduled for the next day). Then, very movingly, a lady who’d been sitting right behind me said her sight problems with what she called “light disfigurement” had been healed. She said circular lights had previously looked like long strips, but that now she saw them as circles just like everyone else. So God’s power was at work in all of this. Later, when I was at the airport catching the last flight back to London, I got a text from my host, pastor Dan Hudson reporting that 2 more people who said they weren’t part of any church had prayed the salvation response prayer, at the 6pm service, making 14 in total. So it was a great day of many answered prayers.



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