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People responding at Herts Uni

People responding at Herts Uni

Adrian Holloway on February 15, 2019 with 0 Comments

So far 9 people who are not part of any church, nor part of the Christian Union, have said yes to Christ “count me in” this week at the University of Hertfordshire. And an additional 18, who are also not church and not CU, didn’t pray the prayer, but have said they’d like to know more. We’ve had a total of 129 guests come to our events across the past 4 days, a typical example would be one Aerospace Engineering student who was given an invitation on the bus, and came to both lunchtime events yesterday and asked me a question about suffering that I’ve never been asked before based on Newton’s law of motion. At the end of our chat I asked him “Do you know anyone here?” He replied “no, well apart from her” pointing to the girl he’d met a few minutes earlier on the bus. One really encouraging feature of the week have been guests coming back to multiple events. Now, we have one last hurrah tonight with the visit of the extraordinary Manoj Raithatha, who I’ve interviewed twice before at York University and at Exeter University. Then I”ll preach on the thief on the cross. Photo is from Wednesday’s first lunch event in the Style Bar.



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