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Interviewing Gavin Peacock at Herts Uni

Interviewing Gavin Peacock at Herts Uni

Adrian Holloway on February 13, 2019 with 0 Comments

It was great to interview Newcastle United and Chelsea legend Gavin Peacock tonight before my talk at the University of Hertfordshire. I first interviewed Gavin at Stamford Bridge 25 years ago, when I was a young Fleet Street reporter and he’d just signed for Chelsea. It’s amazing to think that we’d be back together tonight, all these years later! Anyway I began with some memories of the 1994 FA Cup Final, and Gavin vividly described the moment his shot hit the bar, when it was nil nil. He told us about life in the goldfish bowl at Newcastle. For example one time when he went to the cinema with his wife only for the others in the cinema to start chanting his name. Only on Tyneside! He told us about how he became a Christian, and was very honest about some of the challenges and the cost of following Jesus, especially when he was captain at Chelsea. The most remarkable thing was perhaps Gavin relating how he after he hung up his boots, he walked away from his amazing career as a BBC TV pundit on Football Focus and MOTD, and how he deliberately chose to go somewhere where no-one would know who he was. Now he is a Christian minister in Calgary, Canada. I think we had a spiritual giant in our midst tonight. After our interview where Gavin also took questions from the floor, I did an explanation of the gospel involving some burned T shirts that have literally been round the world with me, and I know that many of your reading this have seen those T shirts! It was the best connection we’ve had all week. You could have heard a pin drop at the culmination of the talk. It’s been a great week already with several people already saying “yes” to Christ for the very first time. The whole mission has been brilliantly organised by Charlie Harland. She’s made it so easy for me and so enjoyable.



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