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10 people respond for salvation in Honiton

10 people respond for salvation in Honiton

Adrian Holloway on December 24, 2018 with 0 Comments

10 people who told us they are not part of any church prayed the salvation response prayer when I spoke at a Carol Service at Honiton Community Church, Devon, last night. This church meets in a newly built community centre called The Beehive. (On the way in, I noticed that they’d recently had Hazel O’Connor in Concert!) The Community Church also have a venue in Sidmouth. The church is led by Adrian & Jenny Birks who we have known for many years, and whose daughter Chloe is at university with our eldest Esther. It was great to see an old friend Simon Greenland there and also Alex Donne-Davis from our very own Everyday Church, Wimbledon, whose parents live down there. I’d never been to the church before and I’d never been to Honiton before, but it was a great night and also my final carol service of 2018.



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