Tuesday 14th January 2020
17 respond for salvation in Peterborough

17 respond for salvation in Peterborough

Adrian Holloway on December 17, 2018 with 0 Comments

17 people, who told us they are not part of any church, prayed the salvation response prayer when I spoke at Life Church, Peterborough’s Carol Service yesterday morning. And I was delighted to hear confirmation from pastor Wouter Vertegaal that it was also the largest number of guests they’d had attending on a Sunday during the 7 year history of “Life Church”. I hope this photo gives you an idea of the unique set up, preaching in the round, at the newly built, state of the art, Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough. I have really enjoyed getting to know Wouter and Life Church over the past few years and my previous visits led up nicely to the Carols, as the church had got to know me and vice-versa. Life Church had really made the most of the opportunity and they had an excellent and quite large choir, who did tremendously well. I had to leave promptly afterwards to be sure of arriving in Woking on time, but I was so pleased to hear the great news about the response from Wouter while I was in Surrey yesterday afternoon.



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