Friday 12th July 2019
14 people respond at Hertfordshire Uni

14 people respond at Hertfordshire Uni

Adrian Holloway on December 4, 2018 with 0 Comments

I had a great night at the Forum nightclub at Hertfordshire University yesterday! After I spoke at a Carol Service, 14 people who told us they are not part of any church, nor part of the Christian Union, said they’d prayed the salvation response prayer. And an additional 4 also not church, nor CU, didn’t pray the prayer, but did say they’d like to know more. It was great to partner with the Soul Survivor band, who did a superb job, as did Flo Price and all the guys at the CU, who worked so hard to put on such a quality event in an excellent venue. I’m looking forward to being back on campus with them in Hatfield in February 2019.



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