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18 respond for salvation in Wimbledon

18 respond for salvation in Wimbledon

Adrian Holloway on December 3, 2018 with 0 Comments

18 people responded to an invitation to become a Christian when I spoke at Everyday Church, Wimbledon yesterday. We had 9 respond in the 9.30am service, 5 at the 11.30am service and 4 at the 7.00pm service. I expect that some of these are already Christians, but I’ve already been told by friends who know them that many aren’t, so we’ll see over the next few days as we re-connect with them all, but in any event we thank God that we know people have definitely put their trust in Christ for the 1st time. The message was called “Back to the Future Shoes” in our Good News Shoes series (Ephesians 6:15). Photo from the 7pm service.



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Adrian is married to Julia. They have four daughters. He is based at Everyday Church in Wimbledon, and has written two books, "The Shock of Your Life" and "Aftershock," which tackles the strongest objections to Christianity in the form of a novel.