Friday 12th July 2019
At City Church, Bristol

At City Church, Bristol

Adrian Holloway on November 27, 2018 with 0 Comments

It was great to be back for my 4th speaking trip to City Church, Bristol last Sunday. It was my first time there since the church has become “multi-site” so my day started in Bradley Stoke, which is up by the M5/M4 junction, where City Church have a 10am meeting at Bradley Stoke Community School. I was on my feet speaking after only about about 15 minutes of the meeting, and spotted Al Shaw, who pioneered the church plant some years ago on my way out. This was as I followed Pastor Andy Cottingham to his car. It was then about 20 minutes driving the 8 miles to the Cotham site at the Elmgrove Centre (pictured). The Cotham venue looked totally full, with at least some people standing at the back.I had a great question afterwards about the Kalam Cosmological Argument! Also had a lovely chat with our former lodger, Sheldon Carlisle, now a distinguished lawyer. Then it was a privilege to have lunch with my great friends Pete & Fiona Mack, who live nearby and are part of City Church.



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