Tuesday 9th July 2019
At the Vine Church, Maidstone

At the Vine Church, Maidstone

Adrian Holloway on October 30, 2018 with 0 Comments

At the Vine Church, Maidstone on Sunday I spoke about my own journey in terms of praying for people to be healed. Or to be more accurate, the first half of my talk was about not praying for anyone to be healed for 17 years. I listed the various reasons for my reluctance which ranged from personal embarrassment, through theological doubts to a genuine concern for the un-healed. I then talked about how I came to settle upon a new set of convictions following a 3 year bible study that resulted in a breakthrough in 2005. I then finished up with what’s happened since. It was my second ever visit to the Vine, the previous one being on Easter Sunday 2016. This time Martyn Gibson, who leads the church, specifically asked me to speak about my story, and though I’d never done this before on a Sunday, I really enjoyed it. I met two people who’d been healed of Meares Irlen syndrome after I’d prayed for them in the name of Jesus, so it was a hugely encouraging visit. I also enjoyed lunch at David & Susan Creasey’s who are also leaders there.



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