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At Gateway Church, Leeds

At Gateway Church, Leeds

Adrian Holloway on October 9, 2018 with 0 Comments

It was a privilege to speak at Gateway Church, Leeds on Sunday at their AM and PM meetings at their huge St Mark’s venue. Prior to my visit, Gateway had done a survey of the general public, both online and on the streets, asking what their biggest ‘One Objection’ to Christianity was. In response Gateway promised to deliver a response during October to each of the 3 most popular objections. My topic was “How could a ‘good’ God allow Suffering?” It was my first time at Gateway since 2007. Since then they’ve moved even closer to the heart of Leeds University and the congregation was very diverse and very young. The church is led by Chris Frost, who kindly took me out to lunch between services at “The Library”. I’d seen St Mark’s, the massive former Anglican Church building down the road when I spoke on campus at a huge Carol Service in December 2012 in the refectory. I then came back to Leeds in Feb 2013 to speak at a mission week, when we literally pitched a tent outside the Student Union for a week. By that stage I knew of Gateway’s plans to buy what was at the time a virtually derelict building. I think they bought it for around £12,500! But they’ve spent something like £1.5million on it since. Great to see Gateway doing so well, and everyone seemed to cope well with my treatment of such a difficult subject.



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