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Gateway Church, Ashford

Gateway Church, Ashford

Adrian Holloway on September 9, 2018 with 0 Comments

I hope to report soon on a number of exciting bits of news coming out of my involvement in Newday 18 last month, but while I am still getting my act together, let me post this update to say that it was great being back at Gateway Church, Ashford this weekend. Just to give you some background in terms of the history and size of the church . . . after this morning’s Sunday meeting I was chatting to someone who told me: “the church started in my living room 19 years ago.” From small beginnings . . . well, last Sunday they had 301 people attend. I reckon most people in the UK have no idea that churches are growing. The last thing I said to Graham & Sue Hall, who lead Gateway was: “Well Done!” By the way, the church has just purchased quite a large multi-purpose building called “The Riverside.” I was over in Ashford for most of Saturday doing teaching, training and Q & A across two sessions of apologetics training, the first entitled: “Sexuality” and the second “Suffering”. Over lunch and in the early afternoon we had a wide-ranging “ask anything” session. Then I was back this morning answering the question “Hasn’t Science Buried God?” which seemed to go really well. I know of at least one person, who is brand new to the church, who wanted to accept Christ after this morning. On the way home I stopped off to see an old school friend Nigel Scott, who lives with his family in Sevenoaks, and then it was off to Gatwick Airport to pick up our eldest daughter Esther who’s just come back from a holiday before going off to Southampton University to study Economics later this month. So proud of Esther!



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