Friday 18th January 2019
Interview with me in The Case for Miracles

Interview with me in The Case for Miracles

Adrian Holloway on June 6, 2018 with 0 Comments

I am greatly honoured that Lee Strobel’s latest book “The Case for Miracles” concludes with his interview with me. The way it came about is like this . . . way back on the 25th July 2009, I did a radio debate with one of America’s best know atheists, Michael Schermer. Schermer and I got on quite well in the debate, though of course we disagreed. Schermer is well known in the USA as editor in chief of Skeptic magazine. At the time he was Director of a national Skeptics Society in the USA. Today he’s senior research fellow at Claremont Graduate University and adjunct professor at Chapman University. Schermer and I debated “miracles” on Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable show on Premier Radio. If anyone is interested, the 1 hour 21 minute programme is still available to download through Premier’s Unbelievable podcast, dated 25th July 2009. To be honest, I’d almost forgotten all about it, until to my utter amazement I got an email out of the blue last year from Lee Strobel. Just to explain, Lee Strobel is my hero, and the person who I most identify with in Christian ministry. Lee, like me, has a background as a newspaper journalist, and his books have been foundational to my journey. You can watch the 2017 movie about Lee on iTunes or stream it on Amazon – it’s called ‘the Case for Christ’, and is one of a tiny number of non-cringe Christian films. You could give this movie to your next door neighbour and not worry about it. It’s that good! Lee’s latest book “The Case for Miracles” of course starts with the Case against Miracles. Who better to interview than one of America’s leading skeptics, Michael Schermer, who has been outspoken in his criticism of healing claims etc. Lee’s interview with Schermer makes up the entire first section of The Case for Miracles. While researching Schermer, Lee came across and listened to Schermer’s radio debate with me and then Lee contacted me and it all went from there. I recommend The Case for Miracles to anyone who has genuine questions about whether or not there is any evidence for God working supernaturally in the world today. If you want facts and not feelings, I suggest you start with Lee’s book and then work from there onto Craig S. Keener’s two volume “Miracles” which is probably the leading academic study of modern miracle claims in the world today.



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