Saturday 15th December 2018
At Hope Church, Ipswich

At Hope Church, Ipswich

Adrian Holloway on March 6, 2018 with 0 Comments

I very much enjoyed being back speaking at Hope Church, Ipswich on Sunday. This is a church that has grown significantly over recent years. They have more or less doubled in size to around 370. Both services were quite full and there was a great atmosphere. And I was excited to hear plans of an ambitious purchase of a huge cinema in the town centre. I really enjoyed lunch afterwards with Pastor Tom Scrivens (pictured) and Tim Virgo and also Maurice & Rachel Nightingale, who’ve all been involved in leading the church into this growth. Then, I was delighted to spend the journey home with Ed Mellish, from Gateway Church, Basingstoke, who’d come up to Ipswich in order to ask me questions in the car on the way back to London. Ed is an evangelist, who is a key part of a dynamic new church.



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