Thursday 1st November 2018
Amazing scenes at Exeter City FC

Amazing scenes at Exeter City FC

Adrian Holloway on December 5, 2017 with 0 Comments

193 people who told us they are not part of any church, nor part of the Christian Union prayed the salvation response prayer when I spoke at Exeter City FC tonight. It was an unforgettable experience at to be part of a wonderful team led by the event organizer Alyssa Carey, as we sorted through all the feedback forms afterwards. What a moving experience to find so many responding to Christ at Christmas. I was so excited reading the names and phone numbers of those with no church or CU involvement who’d said yes. More than 3,000 people attended tonight’s Carol Service at St James Park. The terrace we stood on is one of the largest remaining terraces in the Football League (i.e. most have been converted into seating). In addition to the superb Salvation Army band who accompanied all the carols, we also had knock out performances from Semi-Toned, a very cool accapella boy band of Exeter Uni students, who did a Christmas medley, and David Bowie’s Major Tom, which although nothing to do with Christmas, was outstanding. The guy who did the beatbox for them was fantastic. Also the Sweet Nothings, who were equally good, a superb all-girl group. We also had two opening performances from The Exeter Royal Academy for the Deaf and also from a local primary school. I was with the Exeter University Christian Union back in September when they started to plan this event together, and then last month I had a weekend with them casting vision for the Carols and the potential to reach those who don’t yet know Christ. I spoke three times during the evening. It was the third time I’ve preached outdoors in a football stadium, the others being at Notts County FC and also at AFC Bournemouth, but this was the first time I’ve done so in the winter and the only time when everyone’s been standing up for the whole event. (In the photos I’m trying to look unmissable in my red cagoule!( So it was great that the good news about Jesus got such a hearing. I was very blessed as I left to see the Gideons giving out Bibles to students on their way out of the ground. Tonight has once again illustrated the point that I’ve made so many times before . . . if people hear the gospel in the right environment, many will respond positively. A massive well done to Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union, who did an amazing job creating that environment and befriending so many people. There are about 90 of them in the CU, and 3,000 came to their event! Wow!



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