Tuesday 30th October 2018
Gateway Church, Poole

Gateway Church, Poole

Adrian Holloway on December 3, 2017 with 0 Comments

I really enjoyed my first ever visit to Gateway Church Poole this morning from Colossians 1:27. I preached first at their Alder Road venue (pictured), and then got driven to their Ashley Road venue, where I repeated the same message to an equally large crowd at their converted Methodist Church, just acquired by Gateway Church. They’ve done a tremendous conversion on the building. I met some brilliant people including Jon Clark, who used to be one of our near neighbours in Putney. Afterwards it was a great privilege to stay for lunch with church leaders Matt & Grace Hosier and their 4 daughters. We really have something in common there! Gateway Church is part of Advance, as is OneTribe, the church I was working with in Nairobi, Kenya in September. I’m now getting my stuff together for my first Carol Service of 2017, tomorrow night in Bradford, Yorkshire!



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