Friday 12th October 2018
8 1st-time decisions to follow Jesus at Penge

8 1st-time decisions to follow Jesus at Penge

Adrian Holloway on November 5, 2017 with 0 Comments

Just heard that at least 8 people made a first-time decision to follow Jesus when I spoke at Christ Central Church, Penge this morning. There’s a tremendous family atmosphere at this church. For example, both before and after the service, I met a lady leading one of the kids’ work age groups who’d been part of the founding group of 14 people who started the church in the late 1970s. She said that of those 14, seven are still in the church today. She said she’d led kids work all that time. Wow! Now they have somewhere around 300 attending and they’re in a great building of their own. Everyone was very kind to me once again. I invited the response this morning by way of feedback forms. Previously I spoke for the first time on a Sunday there in early September getting to know the church a bit and this was a follow up visit, presenting the gospel. And by the way, while I’m on, thanks for all the birthday wishes for yesterday. Much appreciated.



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