Wednesday 10th October 2018
Hope Community Church, Wymondham

Hope Community Church, Wymondham

Adrian Holloway on October 30, 2017 with 0 Comments

I really enjoyed my first ever visit to Hope Community Church, Wymondham in Norfolk, yesterday, where I spoke at both morning services. This church is led by Grantley Watkins who for years was part of an “Ephesians 4 Evangelists Forum” with me. This church is growing quickly in a rapidly expanding town, and they are in an absolutely superb newly converted warehouse. I’ve spoken in many converted warehouses and this one might be the best. The day didn’t start well for me, because having come up from London the night before, I got into the car to drive the 7 minute journey to the church building, only to find my car battery dead. My 16 year old Toyota Yaris is coming to the end of it’s useful life. I eventually found an email in my inbox from a doctor friend, Matt Hawker, who is a deacon at Hope, and who corresponded with me while undertaking his post graduate studies at Cranmer Hall, which is attached to St John’s College, Durham University. Matt has been doing some research about the interface between Christian healing prayer and medical science and I sent him several documents that I’d prepared in response to a request from Lee Strobel, to help Lee in advance of the publication of his upcoming book “The Case for Miracles” which will be out next year. Anyway, when Matt answered my call for help, I was delighted and sure enough 15 minutes later he appeared and kindly drove me to church. I arrived 2 minutes before the 9.30am service. What a relief! It was great to have lunch afterwards with Mark Bullen and family. I am excited about the potential and future impact of this church.



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