Saturday 26th May 2018
My visit to Christ Central Church, Penge

My visit to Christ Central Church, Penge

Adrian Holloway on September 4, 2017 with 0 Comments

I very much enjoyed my first ever Sunday visit to Christ Central Church, Penge this morning. The things that stood out for me was pastor Richie Powell getting all the children down the front and praying for them as they go up to new year groups, and doing the same with students going back to university, and in particular getting youth to pray for younger children, which the young people seemed to do without any hesitation or awkwardness. This really stood out for me as everybody was getting affirmed whatever age they are at. The engagement in the worship was also brilliant, so the whole atmosphere was positive and the venue was full. I also had some great time with leaders afterwards, all with a view to coming back in November for more of a “guest service” occasion. This is yet another church, carved out of ‘nothing’, a group of Christians in the 1980s who with good leadership are now a church of around 300 making a difference. I’ve been to loads of churches which show that Christianity in Britain can make a comeback. These guys are part of “Regions Beyond” led by Steve Oliver, one of the Newfrontiers “spheres”.



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