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Chafford, Chadwell, S Ockendon, Basildon

Chafford, Chadwell, S Ockendon, Basildon

Adrian Holloway on August 5, 2020 with 0 Comments

This was an even better chance to compare and contrast, before and after Covid, because I’d previously preached at this multisite church in Essex in person at Chafford Hundred with the other sites watching via facebook live. So the Chadwell, South Ockendon and Basildon sites were used to watching me screen preach, but they were used to watching me speak to a live audience of about 250 to 300 people at the Harris Academy in Chafford Hundred. That was the feed they were used to viewing. They were used to watching and hearing a large congregation laughing at jokes and reacting audibly. Now all 4 sites (including Chafford) were watching online with no audible reaction to anything I said. A good point, a bad point, a joke, all get the same = silence. Again, the great news is that there were more watching online for my visit during Covid than turned up in person before Covid. And I am encouraged that people were reacting by typing comments. Just checking back now, I can see 52 different positive comments during the facebook preach, but again, there was a much smaller salvation response than I’m used to, with just 2 people saying “yes” after the message.



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