Thursday 29th July 2021
A great welcome in our new church home

A great welcome in our new church home

Adrian Holloway on July 29, 2021 with 0 Comments

After 17 years in London, the John 3:16 Trust recently re-located to the border of Hampshire and Surrey. The reason for the move was for Adrian Holloway to be at the heart of a local church, and for the evangelistic work of the J316 Trust to come out of a local church more effectively. Sunday 25th July 2021 was Adrian & Julia’s first Sunday at their new church home in person. The Beacon now meets every Sunday at the Village Hotel, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough, GU14 7BF at 10.30am.

Adrian writes: We had a great first Sunday being welcomed by our new church family at The Village Hotel. When I arrived at 8am I was amazed by the huge turnout of Beacon volunteers. I was delighted that we had 162 people come in total, which was superb given the number of people who we knew beforehand were away on holiday (with it being the first Sunday of the school summer holidays), and all those unable to attend for Covid-related reasons.

I was thrilled with our sung worship time which felt very much like the cork being let out of the champagne bottle. It was a great celebration. Everyone I asked afterwards was positive about the Village Hotel. I heard no negative comments about the venue. I personally spoke afterwards to seven people who were making their first ever visit to The Beacon Church on a Sunday. I met two couples who had moved into the area during lockdown and two others who would not claim to be following Jesus yet, but who were very positive about their experience. We had good feedback too about our first use of the kids work rooms.

Finally, Julia, myself and our 4 daughters all loved it and all 6 of us received a very warm welcome. One of our daughters, Bethany brought a friend who was really positive. So overall, it was a great start.



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Adrian is married to Julia. They have four daughters. He is based at Everyday Church in Wimbledon, and has written two books, "The Shock of Your Life" and "Aftershock," which tackles the strongest objections to Christianity in the form of a novel.