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11 salvation responses in Hull

11 salvation responses in Hull

Adrian Holloway on December 17, 2019 with 0 Comments

I’m so grateful to report that 11 people who told us they are not part of any church, prayed a salvation response prayer when I spoke at Jubilee Church Hull on Sunday morning. And there were 4 others, also not church, who didn’t pray the prayer but did say they’d like to discover more about Christianity. (I brought a new talk I’ve never done before.) Jubilee meet in the vast former Methodist Central Hall in the centre of Hull, which is now their base for a wide ranging and effective outreach to dis-advantaged people. And interestingly enough, they use the Alpha film series to great effect with the disadvantaged people they meet through all their various ministries. Alpha has been a consistent theme in Jubilee’s success. The story of Jubilee’s beginnings is instructive. When Steve Whttington was working at Jubilee Church, Teesside, some years ago, he read one of those surveys about “what’s the worst/least desirable place to live in the UK?” Perhaps you’ve seen these. At the time the number one “worst location” was Hull. Immediately Steve felt “that’s the place God wants me to go.” Steve’s goal was to start a church to reach the poor. I’ve not seen many do so as thoroughly as Jubilee, Hull. They started with 13 people in 2006. On Sunday morning, there were around 280 people there I’m told, which was a similar number to when I was last with them at Christmas 4 years ago, but this is since planting another church in Hull called River City Church, led by John and Abi Flavell. They might have planted another one too, or are about to. Anyway, it was all rather wonderful. A great example of meeting people where they are at. I drove to Darlington concluding, people will say yes to Jesus, if only we can introduce him, as he is, to them, where they are.



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