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16 responses for salvation in Teesside

16 responses for salvation in Teesside

Adrian Holloway on December 10, 2019 with 0 Comments

16 people who told us they are not part of any church prayed a salvation response prayer when I spoke at Jubilee Church Teesside’s Carol Service on Sunday night in Middlesbrough. And another 2, also not church, didn’t pray the prayer, but did say they wanted to discover more about Christianity. What a marvellous answer to prayer! This connection all started with Dr Raj Saha reaching out to me some months ago with an invitation to serve the church he leads and also a visit from me earlier this year in September when we began to plan for this Christmas special. And Gavin Rodgers, Simon Rogalski et al deserve a massive well done on a great feat of organization in terms of the big crowd who came. And it was so good to hear a duet sung by Andy Colclough & Dave Gibson, a real highlight of the service. It was a long drive home to London, but all the way home down the M1 it was wonderful to think of yet more people saying ‘yes’ to Christ at Christmas.



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