Sunday 13th October 2019
At Jubilee Church, Solihull

At Jubilee Church, Solihull

Adrian Holloway on October 7, 2019 with 0 Comments

Visiting Jubilee Church Solihull yesterday was such a treat. Rob & Alison Davey have done such a great job replanting the church 10 years ago and they now have around 200 people coming on a Sunday. They’ve also pulled off a wonderful conversion of office space in the town centre and, I think the venue is almost perfect. I love their values emblazoned on their logo on the wall: Honour, Authenticity, Passion, Courage and Family. It was a privilege to preach there and to see my friends from Oasis Church, Birmingham days Steve & Trudi Wicking. As we walked through Solihull centre to lunch afterwards with Rob, Steve and my host for the weekend Paul Norris, I had flashbacks to the days when I used to take coach loads of teenagers from Stoneleigh Bible Week for afternoon trips to Solihull, where we’d do mass street evangelism. For several years I took quite large groups out, and I will never forget handing over the (tour guide coach) microphone, all the journey home, as one after another young people walked down the aisle of the coach to report (as we travelled back to the National Agricultural Showground) how they had shared the gospel with the good people of Solihull. I’d like to think that some of the seed sown all those years ago in the 1990s is now, in some way, bearing fruit in a growing church right in the town centre.



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