Wednesday 9th September 2020
At King’s Church, Lewes

At King’s Church, Lewes

Adrian Holloway on September 15, 2019 with 0 Comments

I was last at King’s Church Lewes on a Sunday in September 1991, so it was amazing to preach there this morning, 28 years later. Even more so given that two of the people, Rich & Lally Tutt, who were on the same team as me all those years ago, are still there, and now lead the church. The first thing I noticed after 28 years absence was that the church now own a marvellous converted warehouse which was a brilliant venue. I got some super encouraging feedback on the message and I’m looking forward to meeting up with the King’s Church leaders next month to look at their plans to reach their particular part of Sussex for Christ! Great lunch back at the Tutts afterwards.



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